Sunday, November 6, 2016

Ready, camera, action

Hello everyone,

Today's entry is about TV shows. They are a great resource for language learning; they can help us improve our listening skills and even our pronunciation.Besides that, they are, plain and simply, a really fun way to learn. Nowadays, with Internet it's easier than ever to access shows and movies in their original language for very little money and we should take advantage of that opportunity. If you have Netflix it's literally at your fingertips.

But what shows are the best? That's mostly up to your preferences. You should find a show that you enjoy. It shouldn't feel like you're doing homework or like it's a chore that has to be done.

To start I would suggest How I Met Your Mother or Modern Family. They are short (about 20 minutes) so watching an episode doesn't feel overwhelming even if you don't have a really high level. Furthermore, they are sitcoms, which means that they are about everyday live and familiar situations.

Image by SAndrex333 from Wikimedia Commons

If you are into science you might also like The Big Bang Theory. They use a lot of science-related vocabulary, specially Physics, so it's a little bit harder to understand but doable if you're up to the challenge.

Another amazing show whose episodes are also about 20 minutes is Black Mirror. This one is about how technology affects our lives. This show, unlike the other three, is not a comedy but a drama. It is, however, quite easy to understand.

If you have a more advanced level and you prefer longer shows, the world (or Netflix xD) is your oyster. If you like detective/mystery shows, you'd probably like Sherlock, or Elementary if you prefer an American accent. The episodes are about 90 minutes, so they're actually like watching a movie.

Image by RanZag from Wikimedia Commons

If you like history and period dramas, Downton Abbey is the show for you. It will also help you to see the difference between how people speak depending on whether they are upper class (the nobles) or working class (the servants). A new show that also looks really good if you like history is The Crown, about Queen Elizabeth II's life when she was young and became queen.

Image by Richard Munckton from Wikimedia Commons

Subtitles: yes or no? It's better if you don't use subtitles but if you really need to have them, use them in English. My advice is to use subtitles at the beginning if you really need them but stop using them as you improve and start understanding more. One thing to remember is that you don't need to understand every word to understand what is going on in the show.

Well, this is all for today. Let me know what you think or if you have more suggestions for shows. Thank you for reading :)

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