Saturday, November 12, 2016

One for the teachers

Here is an article for the new teachers with some Do’s and Don’ts for teaching ESL:

According to Ferlazzo, we should model for students what they are supposed to do but we shouldn’t just tell them what to do.

We should speak slowly and clearly. I agree for the lower levels but as their proficiency increases I think we should speak at a normal speed since that is what they are going to encounter outside of the classroom.

We should use visuals, gestures and non-verbal cues. I completely agree. I personally use a lot of images and gestures in my class. I think they help my students understand what I’m saying and they make class more entertaining.

We should give verbal and written instructions to our students. I agree, especially for the lower levels.

We should check for understanding. I completely agree. I think the worst thing we can do is wait until the end to class to ask if there are questions and discover that they didn’t understand anything. We should encourage our students to ask questions and check if they understood after an explanation or activity.

We should encourage development of their L1. It is true that research shows that development of literacy in their L1 shows in their L2. However, as the author points out, that does not mean that we shouldn't encourage the use of the L2.

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